Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely I will do whatever I can to assist in a custom order.

You can find a full list of Kybalion Jewellery's stockists here.

  • Avoid getting wet and remove when entering water.
  • When not in use Jewellery should be
    neatly stored.
  • Dropping jewellery may cause breakage.
  • Remove before going to bed.
  • Avoid
    direct contact with perfume and creams.
  • Remove before working out

Brass Pieces

All Kybaliion Jewellery's brass pieces are completed with a special coating to mantain their initial sharpness.

Brass still has a tendency to
tarnish over time, even with just a little wear. But fear not! A soft cloth and a dab of brass polisher, like Brasso, can work wonders in keeping that luster intact.

Also we love the sunshine polishing cloths which are fantastic for bringing the shine back to jewellery.

As with all costume jewellery gold plating can fade over time.

Bead Earrings

Ever find your seed bead earrings in a bit of a tangle or going curly? Here's a neat trick to get them back in shape in a jiffy: simply dip them in a glass of water and then lay them down on a tissue or towel. As they dry, they'll magically return to their original form, looking as good
as new!

We know a lot of you may have a lonely single earring just waiting for its match. Never fear,
we’re happy to create a replacement for you. Just get in touch and we can organise a single earring for you.

Sure! We are happy to make your necklace the perfect length for you. Just contact before you make your purchase.

If you would like to collect your jewellery from our studio in Harold's Cross, Dublin, once you’ve picked up your jewellery, we will refund you for shipping right away!

Please feel free to contact us at or use the form below if you have any questions. We would be happy to assist you

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