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Genesa Crystal _ Manifesting Necklace

Genesa Crystal _ Manifesting Necklace

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  • 18k Gold Plated
  • Chose your internal stone
  • 18/20/24 inch chain


What is a Genesa crystal?

A Genesa Crystal is a geometric structure/sacred geometry symbol made from a series of interlocking circles forming a spherical shape. This structure is derived from the cube octahedron, which is a polyhedron with 14 faces (8 equilateral triangles and 6 squares). It was developed by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist, in the 1940s to describe a family of shapes he found to symbolize growth patterns through which life energy flows.

The Genesa Crystal is believed to have metaphysical properties and is often used in energy work, meditation, and healing practices and a powerful tool for manifestation. Basically attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy. It is thought to help amplify energy, promote balance, and enhance personal growth and spiritual development. The structure's design is said to resonate with natural geometric patterns found in the universe, thus harmonizing and stabilizing the energy in its surrounding environment.

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