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Our Daisy Jones Inspired Earrings

Dive into the Retro Glamour of Daisy Jones & The Six

For those who revel in the nostalgia of the 70s and the unfiltered charisma of rock'n'roll, "Daisy Jones & The Six" is more than just a television series—it's a resurgence of an era defined by bold style and even bolder attitudes. Based on the best-selling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the show captures the rise and fall of a band that could have been the next Fleetwood Mac, set against a backdrop of heartfelt ballads and tumultuous relationships.

The series, available on Amazon Prime, stands out not only for its compelling narrative and captivating performances but also for its impeccable 70s fashion that has inspired the following The Daisy Jones Earrings,  a iconic style that promises to turn heads. Whether you're dressing up for a festival, concert or a casual coffee, these earrings add a touch of Daisy’s effortless glamour to any outfit.


Daisy Jones's, the Bohemian Chic

Daisy Jones, portrayed with enigmatic charm by Riley Keough, is a free-spirited, ambitious singer whose style epitomises the bohemian flair of the 70s. Her wardrobe—a mix of floaty blouses, unique earring styles, denim shorts, and ethereal layers—effortlessly blends rock'n'roll ruggedness with a touch of feminine mystique.


Why Daisy Jones's Style Resonates Today

The appeal of Daisy Jones's wardrobe and jewelery lies in its timeless appeal. Much like the character herself, the style of the 70s was uninhibited, expressive, and deeply personal. In today's fashion landscape, where individuality is celebrated more than ever, Daisy's look offers inspiration for anyone looking to infuse their attire with a sense of history and heart.The series' costume design, highlighted by loose, flowing garments that speak to both comfort and style, reflects a practical yet chic approach to fashion. These are pieces designed for the modern woman who, much like Daisy, moves through the world with confidence and grace.


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Embrace the spirit of the 70s with our pieces and let your jewelry be as bold and beautiful as you are. For more details, visit our earring collection page or the Daisy Jones Inpsired pieces here




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