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Design Inspiration from Lola Donoghue | Happy Moment in 2022

Lola Donoghue is a visual artist based in Galway, Ireland best known for her large abstract oil paintings. You can see her beautiful work at and follow on Instagram at

Many moons ago we discovered Lola's paintings and have followed her work with great enthusiasm since then. In November of this year we were delighted to be able to create a unique pair of earrings for Lola based on her painting  Ephemeral 22. Whilst my design took a lot of work and effort to get just right, as we near the end of 2022, I have to say it was one of the most inspiring projects I have worked on this year and a highlight for Kybalion Jewellery.

Meeting and speaking with our customers, collaborators and outlets as much as possible this year has continued to motivate us to keep the pedal to the floor, and moments and projects like this make it all worthwhile. 

Thanks for all your support, from an Irish small business trying to delight our customers with some handmade uniqueness. 




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